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What's new

v102.0 [Sep 2, 2023]
- DNA-110785 Crash at static void base::allocator::UnretainedDanglingRawPtrDetectedDumpWithoutCrashing(unsigned __int64).
- DNA-110973 Crash after dragging tab from island to another screen.
- DNA-111199 Disable user_education tests from component_unittests.
- DNA-111369 Crash at views::View::DoRemoveChildView(views::View*, bool, bool, views::View*).
- DNA-111538 All new open windows don`t have a close button ‘x’ in the right upper corner.

v70.0 [Jul 28, 2020]
- Update chromium on desktop-stable-84-3728 to 84.0.4147.105.
- Wrong link to the help page.
- [Big Sur] Some popovers have incorrectly themed arrow.
- [Win] The [+] button flickers after creating a new tab.
- Crash at aura::Window::SetVisible(bool).
- Search in tabs should closed on second click.
- Parameter placing issue in all languages.

v69.0 [Jun 11, 2020]
- New Yubikey enrollment is not working.
- Lost translation.
- Integrate scrolling to top of the feed with the existing scroll position restoration.
- Sort out news on startpage state.
- Merge “Prevent pointer from being sent in the clear over SCTP” to desktop-stable-83-3686.

v66.0 [Dec 10, 2019]
66.0.3515.27 – 2020-01-07 blog post.
- DNA-82683 Bookmarks menu is not readable in dark mode after hovering.
- DNA-83139 [macOS] screenshot is resized.
- DNA-83204 [Mac] Anchor onboarding widget to history icon on sidebar.
- DNA-83205 [Mac] Popup looks bad with mode change.
- DNA-83351 Enable feature on stable/beta.
- DNA-83366 [Mac] Onboarding popup doesn’t follow the browser window.
- DNA-83402 Promote O66 to stable.
66.0.3515.21 – 2019-12-27 blog post.
- CHR-7687 Update chromium on desktop-stable-79-3515 to 79.0.3945.79.
- DNA-82516 Showing empty popup after closing 3 tabs.
- DNA-82517 Save Screenshot of last closed tab.
- DNA-82670 Aligned onboarding widget to new design.
- DNA-82728 Use BubbleDialogDelegateView to create onboarding widget.
- DNA-82733 Add flag name to Opera://flags.
- DNA-82737 Handle button clicks on history sidebar panel onboarding view.
- DNA-82763 X on onboarding popup is not clickable.
- DNA-82767 Disable feature by default.
- DNA-82790 Hide onboarding once sidebar icon is not fully visible.
- DNA-82791 Keep displaying onboarding widget once it lost its focus.
- DNA-82811 Add rounded corner to thumbnail.
- DNA-82888 Change color of ‘x’ when darkmode enabled.
- DNA-82908 Enable flag on developer stream.
- DNA-82921 Use existing resource strings instead creating new ones..
- DNA-82934 Rendering artefacts on recently closed tabs popup.
- DNA-82935 Broken popup when sidebar is not visible.
- DNA-82991 Dont show internal opera pages in onboarding.
- DNA-83015 Backport to O66.
- DNA-83044 Onboarding doesn’t appear on mac.
- DNA-83052 WidgetDestroyed is not showing in stats.
- DNA-83078 [macOS] Crash on ‘Try it’ button.
- DNA-83138 No onboarding when only 3 tabs opened.
- DNA-83191 Missing include in bubble_popover_controller.h.
66.0.3515.14 – 2019-12-17 blog post.
- CHR-7680 Update chromium on desktop-stable-79-3515 to 79.0.3945.70.
- DNA-82146 Crash at chrome::FindBrowserWithWebContents.
- DNA-82544 Implement “no more than one notification daily” limit.
- DNA-82838 Opera 66 translations (02.12.2019).
- DNA-82878 Crash at -[TouchBarController faviconForWebContents:].
- DNA-82898 Relaunch button on about/update pages fails with error.
- DNA-82953 Test driver fails to build.
- DNA-82967 [Mac] Opera crashes on dragging the SSL icon on the URL Bar.
- DNA-82975 Crash at blink::DocumentLifecycle::EnsureStateAtMost(blink::DocumentLifecycle::LifecycleState).
- DNA-83165 [Rate Opera] Remove “optional” from email placeholder.
66.0.3515.7 – 2019-12-05 blog post.
- CHR-7666 Update chromium on desktop-stable-79-3515 to 79.0.3945.45.
- CHR-7675 Update chromium on desktop-stable-79-3515 to 79.0.3945.56.
- DNA-81884 [Advanced content blocking] Ads are blocked for whitelisted page in Incognito.
- DNA-82342 ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED when trying to use Opera VPN while Pulse Secure is suspended.
- DNA-82414 Wrong number of trackers displayed just after deactivating adblocker.
- DNA-82473 https://www.nba.com/standings not working with AdBlocker enabled.
- DNA-82515 [Mac] Right-aligned address field icons overlap with left-aligned icons while resizing window.
- DNA-82557 Address bar dropdown launches HTTP GETs for every autocomplete.
- DNA-82616 Settings – Tracker Blocker – Add “Learn more” link.
- DNA-82637 Port video pop-out metrics.
- DNA-82647 Tab icons mixed after Tab closing.
- DNA-82717 [MAC] Remove PageView from TouchBarTabView.
- DNA-82766 Removing products from Continue on Amazon is slow.
- DNA-82810 Can’t drag suggestions on start page.
- DNA-82825 Crash at opera::stats::PageViewStatsReporterImpl::ReportPageViewEvent(content::WebContents*, opera::stats::NavigationEvent const&, opera::stats::WindowTabInfo const&).
- DNA-82840 Disable favicon fetching for typed URLs.
- DNA-82891 Enable #video-pop-out-surface-layers by default on stable.
66.0.3515.3 – 2019-11-28 blog post.
- DNA-82773 Promote O66 to beta.
66.0.3515.2 – 2019-11-27 blog post.
- DNA-77365 Rewrite Update & Recovery page.
- DNA-82230 [Mac] URL is not correctly aligned when the Geolocation is ON.
- DNA-82319 Crash at opera::StartPageWebContentsHelper::GetWebContents >opera::stats::PageViewStatsReporterImpl::ReportPageViewEvent.
- DNA-82348 Extend the test server with latest changes.
- DNA-82371 Customize “Back to tab” control icon.
- DNA-82462 Move duplicate tracker diagnostics to opera-diagnostics.
- DNA-82470 [Linux] Snap package doesn’t recognise GNOME 3.24 platform snap connection.
- DNA-82518 Fill popup with content.
- DNA-82537 [CryptoWallet] Lost pairing after relaunching browser.
- DNA-82563 [Mac] Remove usages of + (NSTask *)launchedTaskWithLaunchPath:.
- DNA-82565 Youtube video and comments doesn’t work with some list configuration.
- DNA-82577 Create kWorkspaces flag.
- DNA-82578 Implement WorkspacesWebContentsHelper.
- DNA-82591 [Win] Hotkey is missed in tab popup.
- DNA-82595 Enable #video-pop-out-surface-layers by default on developer.
- DNA-82596 Do not block first-party ‘trackers’.

v58.0 [Jan 23, 2019]
Warning before closing window with multiple tabs.

v55.0 [Aug 27, 2018]
- Option to select search engine in Ukraine.
- Random build failures due to missing dependencies v8 bindings test target.
- [Engine] No focus on address field when opening new tab.
- Search box is missing on startpage.
- Choosing search engine on start page has broken visuals.

v51.0 [Feb 22, 2018]
Update chromium on desktop-stable-64-2830 to 64.0.3282.168
Blue border in folder on Speed Dial moving
Do not interrupt uninstaller cancel action
Adding exception for Adblock doesn’t work anymore
Missing translations for “Other bookmarks”

v48.0 [Aug 25, 2017]
- DNA-63214 Empty sidebar when unpinned in opera:flags.
- DNA-63384 Resumed download after browser restart never ends.
- DNA-63621 [AdBlock][HiDPI] Informational pop-up window grows unexpected.
- DNA-63755 Show resume button in opera:downloads on interrupt by browser crash.
- DNA-63782 [Engine] Cursor moves to beginning of address field on links with target=”_blank”.
- DNA-64139 Adblock/VPN pop-ups are totally misplaced.

v47.0 [Jun 30, 2017]
Bug fixes:
- Incorrectly rendered ‘content blocked’ button and label.
- Crash when trying to delete bookmark from nested folder on bookmark bar.
- Process overloading in google/yandex maps with disabled hardware acceleration.
- UAC popup is displayed every time when Opera is launched.

v45.0 [Mar 13, 2017]
- Chat and browse at the same time with Messengers in the sidebar.
- Make your start page yours with brand new wallpapers.
- Dark theme to make the content stand out.
- Removed grey wallpaper from list of wallpapers.
- Red UI elements in high-DPI with Reborn enabled.
- Opera pins back to taskbar after being launched.

v44.0 [Jan 15, 2017]
- Speed Dial redraw in a new tab after resizing Opera window.
- Newly opened start page sometimes has wrong size.
- High memory consumption with enabled VPN.

v43.0 [Nov 15, 2016]
- Speed is super important for users - Now, with instant page loading, we are giving it another boost that will squeeze loading time almost to zero. Instant page loading is a mechanism where the Opera browser predicts which website you are typing the address for and begins loading it in the background before you hit enter.
- This new version brings 13% faster startup time compared to Opera 42. These achievements are possible thanks to Profile Guided Optimization (PGO). PGO is a compiler technique able to make software running on Windows significantly faster.
- In addition, Opera 43 brings you classic link selection. With this feature, you are able select text in the link without triggering the link.

v43.0 [Dec 21, 2016]
DNA-56523 [Linux] Chinese websites are not readable on Ubuntu 16.04
DNA-57566 Notification setting icon doesn’t open notification exceptions settings
DNA-57724 Warn user about data deletion when another opera is installed(the same stream different arch)
DNA-57821 [Mac] Middle click in bookmarks bar menu works only after closing the menu
DNA-58599 [Linux] Crash at opera::ContentBlockedButtonView::PauseAnimation()
DNA-58672 [Startpage] Unable to select theme
DNA-58684 [Mac 10.9][Mac 10.10]Crash when opening popup window
DNA-58717 [Mac] Remove Encoding from View Menu
DNA-58718 [Linux] Remove Encoding from View Menu
DNA-58725 assistant_installer does not compile
DNA-58729 Trying to add a SD entry with a dot after http:// makes some internal pages to stop loading
DNA-58745 [installer] Update same stream always to one location
DNA-58764 [win] Shortcuts not removed when uninstalling x32 installed over x64

v41.0 [Aug 18, 2016]
Many fixes to the video pop-out feature;
The VPN functionality now should work even after upgrading from the previous versions;
A new bunch of translations has been integrated;
Chromium update to version 54.0.2840.50;
Includes a new, smarter startup sequence that cuts away almost all the wait time, no matter how many tabs you open on startup;
Longer battery time when video conferencing;
Hardware-accelerated video pop-out;
Personalized newsreader improvements.

v39.0 [Jun 1, 2016]
- ES2016 exponentiation operator
- It’s now possible to construct your own ReadableStream instances and to use them as bodies for Response objects, including from within service workers.
- 2D canvas filters; CanvasRenderingContext2D instances now support the filter property that applies effects to primitives drawn to the canvas.
- Invalid values are no longer treated as subtitles
- The srcObject property on HTMLMediaElement instances enables associating a MediaStream to a media element using a simple assignment.
- AudioParam instances now have readonly minValue and maxValue properties that specify the minimum and maximum values the AudioParam can have.
- RTCCertificates are self-signed certificates used in the DTLS handshake when setting up a connection with an RTCPeerConnection.

v38.0 [Apr 5, 2016]
Added battery saving feature
Ad blocker - You can add your own block lists
Speed Dial improvements
You can add your own photo as theme
Extension button is visible in the Speed Dial side panel.

v36.0 [Feb 9, 2016]
With Opera 36, we are giving you even more enhancements for your favorite browser :). Highlights include better support for Windows 10, more customization on the start page and nicer handling of extensions in the toolbar, for those of you who use a lot of them.
Refreshed start page
We’ve updated the style of our top UI. The start-page navigation panel has been moved to the left, to optimize the horizontal space on popular widescreen monitors. We’re also responding to your requests for more customization power over Speed Dial – in the top-right corner, you will find the “Customize start page” cogwheel option, which allows you to change themes and customize the news section in one place. If you select “Show advanced options” from opera://settings, the start-page configuration will show even more settings – give it a try! Of course, this is not the end of our customization enhancements, more are coming in Opera 37.
Modern-app-like browsing on Windows 10
The UI has changed even more for our Windows 10 users. Opera now blends with the system, changing colors across the application to match its style.
To see it in action, make sure you have recent OS updates (Windows 10, Threshold 2) and then go to in opera://settings ->Browsing -> User interface and select “Show system color on top bar”.
Opera now adapts to your input method to make life easier for those of you using touch. With touch input, it will automatically increase the size of toolbar items and all context menus, plus it will give you a new icon for the fullscreen move, exactly like modern apps do.
We’ve also added some cool-looking graphics to make our style blend better with the native Windows 10 style.
Opera vs other browsers
Unlike other browsers, we try to keep Opera’s UI as close to the platform as possible.
Unlike Firefox, for example, we offer Windows 10 users native notifications, touch-mode support, the fullscreen icon and bigger context menus for touchscreens, as well as an option to switch to system colors.
And, unlike Edge, Opera allows you to enhance and customize your browsing experience through extensions, including sidebar and Speed Dial extensions. To handle many extensions, using toolbar icons in Opera 36, we’ve added an expander.
Plus, we have animated themes that look just great on Windows 10.

v35.0 [Dec 16, 2015]
In this version, we focused on removing duplicate bookmarks, introducing a separate search bar, cleaning up the settings page and a few other improvements.
No duplicate bookmarks
We introduced a duplicate-removal tactic in Opera 35. When you aren’t signed in and syncing, the algorithm is pretty straightforward: we pick candidates for the duplicates removal based on their ID in the bookmarks model. If you are syncing, things get a little bit trickier because we cannot remove duplicates until they known to the server. Otherwise, we introduce duplicates again. We saw in our logs that duplicates are no longer an issue.
A(n optional) separate search box
In Opera 35, the search box appears as an advanced setting. If you enable it, the separate search box will appear next to the heart button in the browser chrome.
A cleaner settings page
We introduced a “basic” section in Opera 35, where you can decide about browser’s behavior on startup, how downloaded files will be saved, change your theme and more.
A more basic browser vocabulary
Instead of enigmatic word that states our brand, the term “menu” describes the feature itself. We saw that many more people clicked on the menu when it was labeled “menu” instead of “Opera”. It’s similar to the change we made from our previous Discover feature to the more generic and function “news”.
Minor changes intended for new users
We made another simple change: when you install Opera, we maximize the window on the first run, so you have one less click to worry about before using the app. And, there’s more for new users. Now, it is easier to turn on the bookmarks bar from the heart-menu popup. We decided to give you a choice to turn it on, when you need it.
Improvements under the hood
One of the most important changes we made under the hood migrates all the internal pages (start page, about, etc.) from a technology called WebUI to Chromium’s new Private API. All JavaScript communication is now done through this new extension API. It gives us better structure and we can maintain our code more easily. We’ve been gradually moving to this API for a while and we’re not changing just to make our lives easier. In Opera 35, we upgraded the download manager to this API and restyled it. It is not just nicer version of the previous one, but it is also gives you quick links to PDFs, documents, images and more.
Less unfinished downloads
Now, Opera will ask for confirmation if you want to close browser when you are still downloading in the background.
Improvements to muting tabs
Now, you can easily turn off the sound for a tab using a mute button. There are many more use-cases you provided us during our testing on the developer channel. We made the context menu richer, so when you right-click on a tab with sound, you can mute your other tabs.

v34.0 [Nov 10, 2015]
General and user interface changes
- The Discover feature is now the news feed. We changed the name to make the feature more intuitive and accessible.
- Opera supports MSE audio (audio/mpeg and audio/aac mimetypes), enabling playback from Google Play Music and similar services.
- We improved downloads by adding some new functionality. For example, you can cancel a download directly from the pop-out and resume a download if it was interrupted by Opera closing.
- Opera for Mac now includes a share button that lets you share a page through most apps on your computer, like Mail or Messages or Twitter and so on.
- Updated support for the latest Chromium/Blink release, version 47.
- Stability enhancements and bug fixes.

v33.0 [Oct 2, 2015]
- The Discover feature.
- Surf Easy VPN.
- Speed Dial for folders.
- Password synchronization.
- The "Keep it simple" feature.

v32.0 [Jun 27, 2015]
Opera 32 brings more privacy, convenience, and personalization options for our users. New features include password synchronization, bookmark tree, animated themes, and the SurfEasy VPN download option.

v31.0 [Jun 16, 2015]
The most important change we’re introducing in Opera 31 is its startup time. Opera for computers now starts up to 70% faster in comparison to previous versions. This is especially important and helpful for devices with slower, traditional hard drives.
Discover gets a makeover
We redesigned pages in Opera for computers so everything looks nice and modern. In Opera 31, Discover gets a better layout. Discover is a feature that serves you the most recent content from your region. You can also customize it by choosing topic category or country.
and more…
We are working on improved synchronization, with additional options, across your devices. This release synchronizes typed history between your desktop devices. Now you can get to your history faster.

v30.0 [May 6, 2015]
Syncing service improvements
Opera now syncs your browsing preferences and settings.
HTML5 video media source extensions support for high-definition screens.
Updated support for the latest Chromium/Blink release, version 43.
Stability enhancements and bug fixes.

v29.0 [Mar 19, 2015]
Update to chromium 42.0.2311.152

v27.0 [Nov 7, 2014]
- Tab menu was added on the right of the tab bar, which displays all opened tabs in a list.
- Hovering the cursor over an name in the list and it shows an preview of the selected tab.
- Reorganised the navigation on the start page.
- Includes additional bug-fixes for the PPAPI plugin support and the bookmark manager.

v25.0 [Sep 20, 2014]
A bookmark manager allows you to collect and organize your favorite content, including a thumbnail preview for visually recognizing pages.
Web notifications let developers deliver native alerts or status information to their users.
A PDF viewer displays documents directly in the webview, without the need for installing an extension. The built-in PDF viewer will only be enabled if no other PDF handlers are in use.
An experimental start page is available for testing, including new stylistic treatments for Speed Dial entries and the Discover feature.

v17.0 [Sep 6, 2013]
General and User Interface
Opera 17 includes updates to the latest Chromium release, version 30.
- Pinned tabs
- Opera 17 allows you to pin tabs on the tab bar. This can help prevent you from closing tabs accidentally.
Custom search
- You can add custom search engines to your combined search and address bar in Opera 17.
- Stability enhancements
- Added startup behavior options

v16.0 [Jul 19, 2013]
- Autofill
Opera 16 allows you to securely store your addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and credit cards for use online. Commonly used forms can be filled out automatically and save you time when shopping online or signing up for mailing lists.
- Geolocation
Opera 16 lets you choose to share your location information with websites that request it. Location sharing can help websites provide you with localized services, such as coupons to local businesses or movie times for your area.
Stability enhancements
Expanded keyboard shortcuts
Task bar and start menu integration for Windows 7 and 8

v12.0 [Feb 9, 2012]
- Opera Extensions;
- WebGL hardware acceleration;
- Out-of-Process Plug-ins;
- Redesigned security badges;
- Wide range of web standards support;
- Four new languages (right-to-left).

v11.6 [Dec 8, 2011]
Opera 11.60 offers significant improvements to the browser engine, providing a faster and more stable Internet experience. Enjoy improved website compatibility, faster page loading, and a higher level of overall stability when browsing.
The Opera browser's built-in mail client allows you to manage your messages automatically. In Opera 11.60, we've introduced a number of improvements, including a cleaner layout, message grouping, a more intuitive view in your inbox and easier navigation.
The address field has been revamped with new search suggestions, and you can also find your favorite websites faster in the results list. To add pages to your bookmarks or Speed Dial instantly, just press the star in the address field.

v10.0 [Aug 15, 2008]
30% Faster on the real Web
We optimized the Opera Presto 2.2 engine to be much faster on resource intensive pages such as Gmail and Facebook.
Great-looking standards
With an Acid3 100/100 score, Web Fonts support, RGBA/HSLA color and SVG improvements, Opera 10 alpha is ready for the next generation of Web applications.

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