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For its 50 million users worldwide, each new version of Opera is always a good reason to feast on its new and improved features. Opera 34 comes with a new and more secure version of Opera Turbo to guarantee high browsing speeds with whatever type of connection and computer you have, improved download management features, support for MSE audio, and everything we already knew and loved, but better.

In terms of interface, Opera beats all its competitors hands down. It’s not only attractive, but also functional and intuitive. The browser comes with a limited yet set of beautiful themes for you to choose from, as well as with direct access to five of its most used features – Speed Dial, Bookmarks, News, Tabs, and History. News as taken over Discover to become an intuitive and highly functional news feed and more. Bookmarks takes its recently-adopted thumbnail approach to the next level, together with its new bookmark synchronization feature. Thus, you can install Opera on your favorite mobile device and on your computer and have your bookmarks, tabs, passwords, and history permanently synced between them.

You can now listen to your favorite tracks on Google Play Music thanks to Opera’s new support for MSE audio (MPEG and AAC audio), and make the most of your Web downloads thanks to its new download management features. Now you can cancel any download on the downloads drop-down list with the click of a button, and resume any interrupted download task whenever you restart your browser.

Opera remains the standard when it comes to Web navigation speed. Opera Turbo (a technology that boosts up your browsing speed by compressing the data of the pages you visit) has also been greatly improved, both in terms of performance and security. Low bandwidth or high latency scenarios are no longer an issue. Combine this with its Private Browsing feature, and you will be facing the safest and most resource-friendly Web browser available in the market. Safety and privacy have also been largely enhanced with the addition of SurfEasy, another Opera Software development meant to provide you with integrated VPN services.

The list of new features and enhancements tells a lot about Opera’s development efforts. Why the fastest, surely the safest, and undoubtedly the most attractive browser in the market has not yet reached the status it deserves is beyond me. Opera grows in functionality and versatility with every new update while others remain unchanged for years, and improves already-existing features that no other browser offers as of today, such as Opera Turbo and the high level of usability that its beautiful interface provides to all users. Surely, it is just a matter of time.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Opera Turbo to speed up Internet connection
  • Customizable interface with attractive themes
  • Improved download management features
  • Support for MSE audio
  • Suitable for 3G networks and low Wi-Fi signals


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