Opera 58.0

Browses the web with built-in ad blocker and VPN support
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Browse the web in a secure environment with built-in ad-blocker, secure VPN connections and website compression for faster web page loading. It supports customization using extensions and themes, as well as Opera Turbo.

Opera is a free web browser, developed by Opera Software, and it's a fast and safe browsing alternative to the more well-known ones like Chrome or Firefox.
It comes wrapped in a modern interface having a well-balanced mixture of grey tones and red, with the layout being shaped by elegant lines and carefully-crafted menu and button icons.
Though the first user may feel robust and unhandy, after 10 minutes of browsing you'll accommodate the entire environment. One noticeable thing about Opera's interface is that is customizable, the user being able to create and use its own theme from personal images collection.
Going forward, the features are various and numerous. I'll point out the ones that I consider to have the biggest impact on the regular user.
Opera has Facebook Messenger incorporated in the sidebar menu, very useful for those who need to browse the web but at the same time want to chat with their friends.
Besides the more common Snapshot feature, Opera is the first to offer a direct playback system for your virtual reality headsets. With Opera VR Player you just have to plug in your VR, hit play and enter the world of virtual reality, with no need to download extra software.
Also, Opera has a free VPN incorporated for a more private browsing, which is free, no subscription is required and, more important, it's unlimited.
Other important features are the built-in ad-blocker, that doesn't require installation and once enabled makes the browsing 62% faster, and the Battery saver, that once activated extends the laptop battery life by up to an hour.
The only downsides that I encountered during testing were the lack of a website loading progress bar and parental controls.
In conclusion, Opera offers a mixture of simple and innovative features which makes the browsing ideal for all types of users.

John Saunders
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  • Has a built-in ad-blocker
  • Provides theme customization
  • Has a free VPN feature


  • Lacks a website loading progress bar
  • Doesn't have parental controls
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