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Browses the web with built-in ad blocker and VPN support
abdur rahim — 3 years ago
I like this Opera.
Guest — 5 years ago
Good browser, I like it. Smooth and fast browsing, easy installation.
Techie — 5 years ago
Just two words - truly amazing. Opera has come out with a new look and a new update 25.0 which will change your way of browsing.It has a simple but very attractive Start Page which is divided into three parts, 1) Speed Dial 2) Discover 3) Bookmarks. In Speed Dial, you get an easy access to your favorite websites. Discover provides you every news around the world in a attractive way. Bookmarks gives a detail view of your bookmarked sites.Here goes a detailed review: Pros: 1. It gives you the best start page in comparison with other browsers like Firefox or Chrome. 2. Its UI is simple but very attractive. 3. Add-ons performance is very good. 4. Discover provides one stop solution for news. 5. It provides Turbo mode.Cons:- 1. Poor performance of Download Manager in the slow network. The only minus point we find in this app is its Download Manager. If Opera wants to be a strong competitor with Firefox or Chrome, they must have make a serious upgrade on this.Our view: Pick it. You can also try: Firefox, Chrome.
Guest — 5 years ago
Can not be downloaded in my PC. It shows that the downloading failed.
Sonya Devis — 6 years ago
Very good. Gets better with every release.
webcs — 6 years ago
Sometimes it involved the use of plugins that can be crashed. I also had a problem with a download manager to download the free version.
Vojta — 6 years ago
Opera version 12.16 is the best internet browser for my purposes. I refuse to use later versions.
rahulhemand — 6 years ago
Google Chrome has copied most of its features.
kawin — 6 years ago
It's cool. Themes are wonderful. It's very fast. Nice to work with.
Guest — 7 years ago
I like new Opera browser but they really have to return those nice features included in Presto-engine old Opera
DavePC000 — 8 years ago
Best Browser on the market
Guest — 8 years ago
turbo downloader
shotiko — 8 years ago
i like this
haradax — 8 years ago
Only one complete browser in the IT world, with so many integrated features; like e-mail, newsgroup and IRC-chat clients. First tabbed browser on Earth, first with "paste and go", and first in so many other todays normal things. Unbelievable configurable. Every advanced user, who use Opera for some time, become in love with she.
Guest — 9 years ago
Shohom — 9 years ago
Guest — 9 years ago
OPERA too good for using
Hifzu — 9 years ago
It is good
pegij — 9 years ago
It's nice
Shahin Nazarian-Nik — 9 years ago
Very stable browser
Sandeep Onkar — 9 years ago
I Love Opera..... Simply can't imagine internet without it!
janjala — 9 years ago
Great for surfing through Internet but fails at remembering passwords.
Guest — 9 years ago
good program
Keita — 9 years ago
The Fastest integrate with Social Networks Browser on the World
SonicFreak94 — 10 years ago
Fast, efficient, has everything you could ever need.
Guest — 10 years ago
more helpful for browsing
Guest — 10 years ago
It's the fastest browser, but it's very pity it can't remember my passwords and IDs.
pavan — 10 years ago
very good downloading software
BlThunder — 10 years ago
Fast browser
Guest — 10 years ago
very good browsing
Guest — 10 years ago
high speed web browser in the world
Guest — 10 years ago
Best Internet browser on the web today!
uchiha itachi — 10 years ago
CJ_GreG — 9 years ago
The Best! $-)
StanTrolav — 10 years ago
Firefox RuleZ
Johan — 10 years ago
Very nice build in download manager function
Mancubus — 9 years ago
Simply the best internet browser. With add-ons of 11th version is beats all other without any doubt.
Mick — 10 years ago
Although other browsers are quicker for a specific areas than Opera. This browser is quick across the range of functions.
VIVEK MISHRA — 10 years ago
Best and the fastest
Guest — 10 years ago
6 web browsers are installed on my system. Nevertheless Opera is my preferred one. It is the most innovative browser around. A lot of new functions are copied by the competitors after a while each time they were introduced.
Chuck — 10 years ago
Great browser
Guest — 10 years ago
beautiful browser
ItaloMoreira — 10 years ago
soul2soul — 10 years ago
Fast web browser with unique AIO features deserves five star rating!
Freem — 10 years ago
Respect standards, implement mouse gesture, and voice recognition. I didn't imagine that a software can be as accessible as opera!
sXs — 10 years ago
Easy, fast & useful
Guest — 10 years ago
very slow
Pay Hermawan — 10 years ago
Guest — 10 years ago
this is great
Guest — 10 years ago
Guest — 10 years ago
fast good
Guest — 10 years ago
Excellent"; the "faster"
saniismail — 10 years ago
opera 10 is really good. i use it regularly.
Guest — 10 years ago
I use Opera for some years now and still those people from Norway manage to build in functionality to make Opera even more productive.
Guest — 10 years ago
very fast!
isosagir — 11 years ago
this version too slow and makes so difficult to find
lookatawijeet — 11 years ago
titas — 11 years ago
very good.better than any.
Leviticus Broadnax — 11 years ago
Ridiculous setup in my opinion, if you click too far to the left than a weird page will pop up.
Marko Sučić — 11 years ago
Fast but have some errors when opening some pages
akshays.lall — 11 years ago
because it is easy to use and at same time we can open multipel tabs wile doing work on other tab.
mrk — 11 years ago
becaues it countinues from where it stop .
Nomad Soul — 11 years ago
Great speed. Produce sense of comfortable surfing the web. Sometimes has problems with site demonstration.
Ankur Panchani — 11 years ago
Good web browser More than IE.
Guest — 11 years ago
it's gd for bad connection so it's gd for me and the download speed is gd, you can download torrent with it , and read ur mail and ...
Greg — 10 years ago
the best browser
Guest — 11 years ago
The best browser
PatheticCockroach — 11 years ago
great, fast browser
ajho — 11 years ago
not that bad
Tanchik — 11 years ago
voidfire — 11 years ago
Lack of something different. But you will love it
Rurounin — 11 years ago
Best browser, hands down.
Guest — 11 years ago
Diego Fernandez — 11 years ago
The best browser
Guest — 11 years ago
the best one
Guest — 11 years ago
isnad — 11 years ago
its very cooperative to fulfill my wants
Guest — 11 years ago
Michael Dennique — 6 years ago
I really enjoy all the widgets and the ease of using Opera.
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