Opera 9.6

Opera 9.6 is a web browser to navigate on the Internet
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Opera 9.6 is a web browser to navigate on the Internet.
This web browser is an alternative to be used instead Internet Explorer, Mozilla, FireFox or Safari. This release version works with tabs which means that in a single window you can have different web pages opened in different tabs and their behavior will be like if every single tab will be opened in a single window.
Besides this released version uses integrated searches by typing in the address bar the words or phrases that you’re looking for; select the engine from the engines context menu located at the right side of the address bar, and the search will be quickly performed.
It offers the Opera Link, which enables data sharing between all your computers and devices. For this release synchronizes two new elements: typed history and custom searches. Custom searches allow you to add your favorite searches to these search engines. And typed history is the history of all the searches that you have been typing on the address bar.
Another feature improved is the Opera Mail that allows setting on mail accounts to use as little bandwidth as it can. It supports the most important currently web standards, like CSS 2.1, XHTML 1.1, HTML 4.01, WML 2.0, ECMAScript, etc.
Its installation process is very easy and simple to perform. Its documentation is very completed and detailed, even offers some tutorials.
Opera runs in Windows, Linux and MAC OS platforms.

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  • Opera is an excellent web browser that improves many features to make your life easier on the internet


  • You need to download and update plug-ins for this browser
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