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Opera hasn’t stopped incorporating innovative tools and features that are pushing it to the fourth position in the ranking of the top 5 used web browsers. To its renowned Speed Dial and Discover tabs, Opera 32 has now added an extra layer of security to its private browsing, the possibility of using SurfEasy VPN when downloading files, custom and animated themes, and password synchronization with your mobile devices.

Opera is still one of the fastest (if not the fastest) browsers available. Its Turbo mode is capable of compressing web pages up to fifty per cent to guarantee super-fast navigation, especially to those with a not-so-fast Internet connection. To visit your favorite sites even faster, this excellent browser offers you Speed Dial, where you can anchor as many websites as you wish in thumbnail form for one-click access to your favorite pages. It can be used as a complement to (and accessed within) the fabulous bookmarks tab provided. Bookmarks have also been enhanced in this new version with a bookmark tree, and can be synchronized with the Opera browsers installed in your favorite mobile devices (together with your favorites, history, etc.), so that you won’t need to go through the export-import routine any more.

Privacy and browsing security is another enhancement. Private browsing will allow you to navigate the web without worrying about the traces you may be leaving behind. All you need to do is open a “Private window” and browse normally – when closed, Opera will erase for you all information related or connected to that window. Opera will also warn you against any suspicious site you may want to visit as well as against any threat that may put your safety at risk. To increase your privacy, you may now want to make use of SurfEasy’s VPN solution. Being an Opera company, SurfEasy can guarantee a seamless integration between its VPN capabilities and your Opera browser. It will allow you not only to navigate anonymously, but also access blocked websites and content and add extra protection to your browsing experience against all kind of hackers.

Opera 32 is a step ahead of its competitors when it comes to browser customization. Apart from more than 1,000 extensions that you can use to add functionality and give the personal touch to your browsing experience, you can now apply animated themes to Opera’s main interface. Actually, you can create your own themes using your favorite images and make your Opera unique (in a way that no other “big browser” can offer you).

If speed, security, flexibility, and customizing options are the things you looking for when moving to a new web browser, then I dearly recommend you to give Opera a try. You will find that Opera has extremely elegant interface and that its well-structured functionality makes the transition process really gratifying. Current Opera users will surely enjoy its new set of enhancements.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Highly secure browsing experience
  • Offers VPN download capabilities
  • Password synchronization with multiple devices
  • Private browsing
  • Elegant and well-structured interface
  • Speed Dial for quick access to favorite sites
  • Turbo option for super-fast Internet navigation


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