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Among the many Internet browsers available, Opera stands out among its competitors thanks to its attractive and customizable interface, its revolutionary webpage compression algorithms to speed up your navigation experience, its synchronization features, and its secure browsing technology. The new version of this more and more popular software includes a plethora of novel features that greatly improve its already excellent level of usability.

The more you use Opera, the more reasons – both old and new – you will find to keep using it. Users with slow Internet connections love Opera for its Opera Turbo functionality, which compresses the web pages you visit in order to speed it the loading times. This will make your dial-up connection look like a broadband line. You can set this feature to switch itself on automatically whenever a slow connection is detected.

Users with privacy concerns love Opera for its private browsing capabilities and the various measures it takes whenever a threat is detected. It will warn you against any suspicious or blacklisted site, and will automatically block any script or plug-in found on any secure page you may be viewing. Besides, its private browsing functionality guarantees that no trace, cookie, or history is left behind after closing your browser.

Users who like browsing the Web in as many platforms they can put their hands on love Opera for its synchronization features. They allow you to keep track of your favorite web pages, bookmarks, open tabs, browsing history, and even passwords on all your devices. And those users who enjoy making their favorite browser their own love Opera for all its customization options and features, its editable and animated themes, and its extensive catalog of add-ons.

The new version 35 of Opera adds a series of novel features and functions that make this browser even more lovable for old and new users alike. Now a confirmation message will remind you of any download in progress whenever you intend to close Opera. The download manager itself has been greatly improved with a refreshable interface. You can also mute a website using the volume button on the tab itself or by using the corresponding option in the context menu. Duplicate bookmarks have also been dealt with in this new version – if when syncing between devices you happen to create a bookmark that already exists, Opera will automatically remove the dupe for you. Other “minor” improvements refer to the usability of the browser itself – the main menu is now more clearly labeled as “Menu”, instead of “Opera”; the search box is now an advanced setting that opens up as a separate box close to the heart button, and a “basic” settings section has been introduced to help users customize their browser’s behavior in a simpler way.

Whether you are a seasoned user or a newbie, you will surely enjoy Opera’s attractive new features and state-of-the-art technology. Its users are growing in numbers by the hour, and its attractive and user-friendly interface, its secure and private browsing technology, and its ultra fast navigation features have a lot to do with it.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Fast browsing thanks to Opera Turbo
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