Opera 9.6 beta

Fast and lightweight browser with unique features and a very improved interface
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You will feel very comfortable with this browser. Opera 9.6.3 has a very improved interface and features that make it unique. Like speed dial, a very different way of store your bookmarks. You can have the most important sites to you right in front of you, and every new tab you open, shows all the bookmarks you have chosen. As a web designer, I must be careful about my designs looking good in every browser. Opera almost never give troubles, because it is compliant with the web standards.
Opera allows you reopen tabs recently closed, which is a nice touch. Also it has a search engine drop down menu list in the address bar, so you can type the queries directly. Despite all this great features, Opera lacks of widgets as many as the other browsers, so you have to wait to the next version to get another cool features that are already present in other browsers. As a counterpart, it's pretty faster and very lightweight. As a web development tool, it has interesting features, like a javascript debugger, error console, css styles viewer and DOM inspector.

fernando gamba
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  • Fast and lightweight
  • Unique features


  • Lacks of widgets as many as other browsers
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