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Opera adds speed and security to a smooth Internet browsing experience
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Opera keeps on exceeding their clients’ expectations with every new version of its browser. Opera 36 is no exception, and it brings better integration with Windows 10, a few clever layout changes to improve its usability, and a more intuitive handling of its many extensions. Everything else remains as elegant, efficient, intuitive, and high usable as in previous versions. The browsing speed and high level of privacy that made it stand out from many other browsers remain also intact.

Reviewing the browser that you use on a daily basis is not an easy task, as one tends to take for granted all the features that make your browsing experience as gratifying as it is. You tend to forget what makes the websites you visit load so quickly on your Opera browser, or why your browser looks so “your browser”, unlike those your friends and colleagues use, or how efficiently its secure browser keeps your private stuff private, or how easy it is to change from your computer to your tablet or smart phone without losing your bookmarks, history, passwords or tabs.

Opera compresses all the sites you visit using the most sophisticated algorithms to make sure that they load in a much shorter time than in any other browser in the market, regardless of how fast or slow your Internet connection is. Its many customization options allow you to give that personal touch to your Opera client that most other browsers lack, and Windows 10 users will now see how Opera integrates more seamlessly with their operating system and blends with it to the point of changing it colors as your Windows 10 does. Its secure browsing capabilities not only allows you to stay incognito on the Web, but also to stop malware and fraud programs from capturing your data for unlawful purposes. This feature was recently enhanced by its partnering with SurfEasy, a VPN solution that allows you to enjoy that same level of privacy even when using public Wi-Fi networks.

Its syncing capabilities, however, deserve a paragraph of their own. You will see all your sites in the Speed Dial, all your tabs, passwords, and typed history appear in all your devices, permanently synced and updated. All you have to do is open an Opera account and log in to that account in all the devices you use to surf the Web. This useful feature can be used in all Android and iOS devices by installing Opera Mini on all your portable devices. Let’s hope that the “more sync functionality [that] is coming to mobile soon”, as the Opera website says, includes syncing capabilities for Opera Mini users on Windows Phone, too.

Each of these features make Opera unique, but they’re so seamlessly and elegantly integrated in this browser’s DNA that we tend to believe that this is the norm when it comes to Internet surfing, while in fact it is the exception.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Elegant and customizable interface
  • Fast browsing experience
  • Private browsing
  • Helps you to discover new content
  • Syncs your bookmarks with portable devices


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