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Opera is a popular web-browser that uses the Blink layout engine
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When it comes to surfing the Internet, having a fast and efficient browser at hand really does matter. Still, all too often, with all the browser giants that lead the market, it's pretty difficult to pick up the one to meet your needs. Opera represents one of the popular web-browsers, that was developed by Opera Software and whose latest version, like Google Chrome, uses the Blink layout engine.

Besides switching from Presto to Blink, the latest version of the Opera browser offers a fast and personalized web-surfing experience and comes with an elegant interface, handy bookmarks manager, the Discover feature, customizable Speed Dial, as well as the Bookmark synchronization feature, which is the main novelty of the version. So, with Opera 28 you will be enjoying not only the streamline and efficient browsing, but also bookmark syncing that will allow you to share interesting web-pages across all your devices. To apply the feature, you just need to click the Sync icon or select Settings from the main menu, and sign into your Opera account on any device you like, as the feature is available on Opera for computers, Opera Mini for iOS, and Opera for Android.

Alongside bookmark synchronization, the new Opera version will allow you to assign your own keyboard shortcuts, and will provide an audio indicator to help you identify which tab is blasting sound.

As for the other functionality, you still will be able to speed up browsing with Opera Turbo and load video content faster thanks to built-in video support. In terms of privacy and security, the browser will protect you from frauds and malware by identifying known malicious web-sites and those with suspicious activity. And on top of that, you will be able to enhance and optimize your Opera's functionality with more than 1,000 extensions.

To draw a conclusion, I'd say that swapping the old Presto layout engine to Blink is the main reason Opera currently gets the lion's share of users' attention, whereas its totally redesigned interface and personalized features make the browser even more appealing.

Haley James
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  • Elegant interface
  • Handy bookmarks manager
  • Opera Turbo mode
  • Provides secure browsing
  • Bookmark syncing


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