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Gabriela Garcia Senior editor

Some people say you can't get good things for free. There's always something wrong with them. This free web browser will cover all your needs.

Opera has an integrated e-mail manager where you can add as many e-mail accounts and contacts as you want. It has all the features any other e-mail program has and it works perfectly.
You will never have to leave your browser again to check your e-mail. It works with web based e-mails too, making your life so much easier.

Another cool feature are widgets. These small web programs will let you play games, search the net, get weather information, search and download videos and so much more. They open under separate tabs in Opera so you don't have to worry about them adding new toolbars that would reduce the space where the webpage is showing.

Pressing Ctrl+T will not only open a new tab, but will show you the Speed Dial, where you can add the websites you access more often. This is very useful when you don't want to navigate all the way to your favorites.

Some other nice little things it has are: hovering your mouse over the tabs will show you a preview of the page, changing skins is as easy as selecting them right from the Appearance window (you don't have to go to another web page to get them), a panels toolbar where you can add several panels with news, search, ICQ2GO and more. To add to that, the status bar is gone (you can see the document loading percentage and the image loading count right next to the address bar). However, you can make it show if you want.

And above all that, Opera opens fast and doesn't consume many resources. Getting it is something you won't regret.


  • You don't have to leave your browser to check your e-mail accounts


  • There are still some pages that work only with Internet Explorer and though Opera seems to show them ok, they won't work

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    Trevor Gough 9 months ago

    Too bad that so many videos do not play with Opera for me on my Win 7 Starter, 32 bit system.

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    Guest 10 months ago
    Pros: Fast download and fast browsing
    Cons: No cons

    Good browser, I like it. Smooth and fast browsing, easy installation.

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    hanif shah Last year

    Just two words - truly amazing.
    Opera has come out with a new look and a new update 25.0 which will change your way of browsing.
    It has a simple but very attractive Start Page which is divided into three parts,
    1) Speed Dial 2) Discover 3) Bookmarks.
    In Speed Dial, you get an easy access to your favorite websites.
    Discover provides you every news around the world in a attractive way.
    Bookmarks gives a detail view of your bookmarked sites.

All comments (139)

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